“Make Better Use of Facts About Your Customers”

For 2011, QuickBooks has enhanced its “Customer Snapshot”.  The new snapshot provides critical information in one convenient location to quickly ascertain: 

  • Receivable information
  • Recent Invoices
  • Recent Payments
  • Sales History
  • Best Selling Items

Other information in the “snapshot” readily available:

  • Number of years they have been a customer
  • Average days to pay
  • Open balance
  • Credit limit
  • Sales Summary – where you select the period
  • Total Sales
  • Total Sales for same period last year

Don’t forget the information you currently have in addition to the tips mentioned in the article below.

From BusinessWeek.com – July 22, 2011

“Review the impression you are sending customers and prospects at all touch points and make sure your message is clear and consistent. In addition, make sure you have the ability to collect data at each of these touch points. This includes your sales team, call centers, website, point of sale, e-mail communication, blogs, direct mail, promotional campaigns, advertising, shipping and fulfillment departments, and social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This critical exchange of information will allow you to put together the pieces of your customer profiles.

As you collect facts, make sure this data leads to knowledge creation and a better understanding of the evolving needs of your customers and prospects. An essential element that separates successful companies from struggling ones is their ability to turn facts about customers’ needs into knowledge that can be used to make sound business decisions. Facts and knowledge are vastly different. Facts alone cannot help you grow your business. You need to turn those facts—the raw data—into knowledge by adding your own analysis and research, and then use this knowledge to create value for your business.”

By Beth Goldstein, President, Marketing Edge Consulting Group, Boston

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