Top Reasons to Outsource

Why outsource your bookkeeping? To save you from headaches, free up your time and so much more!
  1. You’ve got better things to do than the books. Think about the hours you spend on record keeping and trying to do the books yourself. We will get the work done in less time than it takes you to do it, freeing you up to work on your billable time or building your business.
  2. Peace of mind. You can sleep better at night knowing that your books are taken care of by accounting professionals, reflecting a true picture of the financial health of your business. At a moment’s notice, you can provide accurate and up-to-date financial information to bankers, investors or even auditors.
  3. More cash in your pocket. We can help better manage the cash flow of your business, helping you pay your bills on time and make the best use of the cash coming into your business.
  4. Save money. A virtual bookkeeper saves money over an in-house bookkeeper once you factor in office space, payroll costs, health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, benefits, and the cost to oversee an employee.
  5. Better collection on receivables. Not only can we bill your clients, but also we can follow-up with friendly reminders and no-nonsense collection efforts. We can make sure you get paid for your services while still maintaining an amicable relationship with your clients.
  6. Better information on the financial health of your business. Are you wondering why all of your sales aren’t turning into more profits? Are you wondering which segment of your business is the most profitable? Accurate financial information helps answer these questions and more, helping you make intelligent business decisions.
  7. Save on resources. We provide our own hardware, software and back-up resources.
  8. Get that loan. If you’ve ever applied for a bank loan, you know that having accurate financial information is key.  We can even help you prepare the necessary cash flow projections for your business plan.
  9. Be prepared for April 15th.  When your books are accurate and up-to-date, you no longer have to fear Tax Day. More importantly, you’ll be prepared to claim every tax deduction that you deserve and some you might not even know about.